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What Is AIR SHARe ?

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AIR SHARE  will supply you with the latest ISTOBAL equipment for your service Island at no cost to you.

AIR SHARE  is brought to you by Gough Brothers - Leaders in forecourt technology.

AIR SHARE  is a profit share agreement. We provide your forecourt with the latest equipment and share the profits.

AIR SHARE  has you making money from day one

AIR SHARE  makes your forecourt look new and encourages new and old customers to make your forecourt a destination of choice.

AIR-SHARE from Gough Brothers

No Capital Expenditure 

Need new forecourt equipment ? We install forecourt equipment on your site at no capital cost to you. Our Profit Share Agreement covers the cost of the equipment including maintenance, parts and installation.

Profit all the way

With your AIR SHARE™ agreement you are earning from the moment it is installed.

Customized for the needs of your Forecourt

We know forecourts, its what we do. Let us advise you on what equipment and location would be best for your particular forecourt 

We have been in the car wash business for over 40 years

Gough Brothers have been in the car wash business for over fourty years and we have been the ISTOBAL agent in Ireland since 1996

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