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Air - Water Dispensers


Air - Water Dispensers


Analogical, with the option of choosing different payment systems. Portable wall-mounted models, or with a stainless steel stand.

Combo Unit
Air & Water

COMBO Features:  

Stainless steel structure. AISI 304

LED display with countdown timer; two possible configurations depending on function chosen

Function can be easily changed

General features:Compact -Versatile-Practical


Turbine and filtering system with high suction power and low noise level  


Fragrances, dashboard, tyre polish, etc. Possibility of including up to 4 different products for the final cleaning of your vehicle.

Gauge Air

Easy-to-use digital gauge with hose reel.

Possibility of including an internal compressor.  

Screen washer 

Hose with reel with water or washer fluid service.

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