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Tunnel Wash



The new wash and dry tunnel, ISTOBAL T’WASH10, combines in the same model the versatility of rollovers with the productivity typical of wash tunnels. This new development ensures a maximum return in facilities where every square metre counts. Starting from facilities as long as 9.3 meters only, extensions and additional wash and wax modules can be incorporated, up to 15.8 meters maximum.

Our R&D&i department has succeeded in developing a powerful software that allows users to coordinate rollover operation with the movement of the conveyor installation on rails, thus obtaining a perfect wash and dry with a large output.

Tunnel Wash

Typical Markets

  • Brand Service Stations

  • Independent Service Stations

  • Fleet Rental Companies

  • Car Showrooms

  • Car Rental Companies


twash 30.png

Coming soon - T'WASH 30 

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