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Flex 5

As your business grown so does your ability to put more cars through your wash. Future proof your wash business now, invest in a Flex 5 wash. Initially installed as a 3 brush wash but as your capicity increases you can increase it to a 5 brush wash 

Flex 5 in motion



  • Includes 3rd wheel in 5-brush version for additional structure stability

  • Up to 30% shorter wash and dry times compared to 3-brush machine

  • Great variety of drying options: full dryer, horizontal dryer with adjustable diffuser and Smartflow dryer



  • Brush travel and lift by means of frequency converters, with 10º tilt of vertical brushes for better wash control

  • Flexible configuration to customise programmes, speed and product dosing control

  • Link-it brush system: available in link-feel, link-foam and link-tex materials and in 17 colours

  • Optimised rinse and wax circuits for a perfect finish

  • Maximum customisation flexibility: 19 colours available, large variety of fairings, light signs and pictograms

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