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Specially developed by the R&D department to optimise the results of Istobal's wash systems. Shampoos, waxes, and care products, which not only look after the vehicle's chassis, but also guarantee the upkeep of the machines, ensuring a longer life.

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Introducing Esens



esens® is the brand of wash concentrates specially formulated for maximum businessprofitability and customer satisfaction.

Totally biodegradable, esens® products are environmentally friendly and extremely careful with the vehicle body.

esens® is a strong proposal for the development of products with maximum yield and the highest number of washes with minimum consumption.

By focusing on cost per vehicle wash, consumption is optimised and costs are reduced without affecting quality.

esens® implements new and revolutionary improvements.

Our careful follow-up and tight control make esens® the best choice for optimum outcomes at competitive prices.

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