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The ISTOBAL HW 'COMPAK model is compact, robust and highly efficient equipment for commercial vehicle washes, specially optimised for the complete washing of trucks and buses. Equipped with the latest Smartwash connectivity technology by ISTOBAL, it enables digital and automated fleet wash process management and more efficient remote maintenance, making washing easier, faster and more controlled.

The ISTOBAL HW 'COMPAK rollover optimises the wash time thanks to optional features specifically designed for washing trucks and buses, such as the side high-pressure system, foaming chemical spray and underchassis wash. It also allows flexible configuration of wash programmes and speeds, as well as independent control of the different solenoid valves for greater water and electricity savings. Dosing pumps also enable controlled and efficient chemical usage.

Thanks to the ISTOBAL HW 'COMPAK model, freight carriers, commercial vehicle washes and companies with fleets of buses have a very competitive option for efficient, fast and automated washing of trucks and buses.



The horizontal polyethylene brush cleans the front and rear of vehicles as well as the roof. It incorporates an anti-fall safety system, a frequency variable for controlling the lifting speed and a variable-speed drive for controlling the brush pressure, which ensures optimal vehicle profiling. The brush can also be used as a programme to avoid front mirrors and rear loading platforms.


Vertical brushes are self-propelled and swinging, enabling double overlapping on the front and rear of vehicles. The system works with polyethylene brushes controlled by frequency converters, which allow a smooth start of the rotation and a pressure control system to adapt to different vehicle geometries, maintaining uniform pressure across the entire wash height. Both vertical and horizontal brushes have a 1100mm diameter to achieve a deep washing at all surfaces.


Outdoor control station for wall, pole or pedestal installation with colour touchscreen for easy and intuitive navigation through the machine menu. Selectors for activation or deactivation of the vertical and horizontal brushes, buttons for manual movement of the machine and of the brushes and programme selection push buttons are available.


· Automatic, competitive, eco-friendly and highly efficient.
· Combined brush configuration with high side pressure in the same wash run.
· Latest wash control and automation technology.
· Reduces wash time and maintenance costs.
· New vertical brush control system for uniform pressure across the entire wash height.

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