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LED Screen
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Developed by ISTOBAL, the new M´NEX32 rollover is the sophisticated evolution of our most universal model, the M´NEX22.

M´NEX continues making progress with infinity solutions thanks to important developments by our R&D team, who have technologically updated the model to ensure a more efficient quality car wash. Its new optional extras also contribute to a more attractive and user-friendly car wash process.

Technical features:

  • New image with LED screens for better communication with users.

  • Control of all machine motors via frequency converters.

  • Prepared for new and attractive optional extras, such as the dual tilt of vertical brushes and the foam curtain.

  • Link-it brushes.

  • Chemical products by esens®.

  • Improved fluids distribution with a common water collector at the inlet and outlet of the modules.

  • Complete dryer consisting of two side 3kW (4 HP) nozzles and one 2x4kW (2×5,36 HP) horizontal scanning nozzle.

  • Wash heights: 2,300 mm [7’ – 6 1/2”], 2,500 mm [8’ – 2 3/8”] and 2,700 mm [8’ – 10 1/4”].

  • Wash widths: 2,500 mm [8’ – 2 3/8”] and 2,700 mm [8’ – 10 1/4”].

ISTOBAL Multi Disk Wheel Wash
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