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Water Treatment

Ultra Filtration Biological Recycler



ISTOBAL achieves zero water disposal in the car wash thanks to its pioneering biological recycler with ultrafiltration system, which recycles up to 100% of the water in each car wash in its most advanced version. It is the first biological cleaning and recycling equipment capable of treating 100% of the water from the vehicle's exterior wash and obtaining the highest quality for its later reuse in all wash stages, including osmosis in the final finish, where fresh water is traditionally used.

Suitable for car, bus, tram and truck wash areas, this innovative water recycler saves on average 220 litres of water per car wash (300 litres per bus, 870 per train and 1160 per truck wash) by reusing 100% of the water. The new Ultra-Filtration Biological Recycler is a modular, versatile and compact unit that is easy to install. It is also a fully automated, connected recycling system that allows remote monitoring for better maintenance. It features a touch-screen control panel for flow control, error control, display of accumulation tank and chemical levels, as well as recycling rate, among other features.


- It is particularly recommended for recycling in high-pressure jet wash systems where the quality of recycled water must meet very high-quality parameters when in contact with the end user.
- Areas with strict pouring restrictions.
- Sites where there is only the possibility of 0 pouring.
- Countries/customers with high environmental awareness. In its most advanced option, osmosis is fed with reused water thanks to ultrafiltration.


- Models configurable from 1 m3/h to 7.5 m3/h maximum of ultrafiltered water.
- Water quality obtained after ultrafiltration:
· Turbidity reduction to > 0.04 NTU.
· Removal of bacteria and viruses < 4log (99.99%).
- Connection to Smartwash by ISTOBAL.

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